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Who Invented Ice Cream?

► 2-character abbreviations 3-character abbreviations 4-digit abbreviations 5-character abbreviations 6-character abbreviations 7-character abbreviations 8-character abbreviations CR is an acronym, which means: Researcher, a post of researcher in the public sector in France, Republican Center (parliamentary group), center-right parliamentary group of the Third Republic. Republican Center, former liberal political party of the Fourth and Fifth Republic, Rural Coordination, an agricultural union; Cristiano Ronaldo, famous Portuguese international footballer.

When Was Abraham Lincoln Born?

Daguerreotype of Lincoln by Alexander Gardner in 1863. Washington, DC, is an American statesman. He is the sixteenth president of the United States. He was twice elected President of the United States in November 1860 and November 1864. He is the first Republican President in the history of the country. He led the United States in the worst constitutional, military, and moral crisis in its history, the Civil War, and managed to preserve the Union.