Why Do My Joints Hurt?

The symptoms of joint pain vary from one person to another and depending on the problem of origin. Despite these differences, some events are quite common: Stiffness - pain limiting joint movement Swelling of the joint Loss of function of the joint The severity of the symptoms will be proportional to the extent of damage to your joint. A hot-touch joint suggests that the inflammation or infection is severe and continuous, which is an emergency requiring medical intervention.

Where Are Your Kidneys Located?

The kidneys are as important to your health as your heart and lungs. They rid the body of the waste that clogs it, control the amount of water and make hormones. We normally have two kidneys located on either side of the spine, at the height of the floating ribs. The kidneys are reddish brown in the shape of a bean the size of a closed fist. One of the main functions of the kidneys is to remove the waste from the blood and return the purified blood to the rest of the body.