Why Is There Blood In My Poop?

I noticed in my stool once two months ago. Since then, nothing. Should I still be screened? I bleed (red) regularly when I go to the bowel. I do not have hemorrhoids. My doctor tells me not to worry.

By the editors of Allodocteurs.fr

Answers with Professor Julien Taieb, gastroenterologist and oncologist:

"A single episode of blood in the stool from the age of 50 needs to be referred." This is not to say that endoscopic screening for colorectal cancer is required, but at least a general practitioner or a gastroenterologist proctologist to check the first cause that is hemorrhoids, so do not panic the population Red blood in the stool does not always mean cancer but it can be associated with it and this is probably the sign the more specific, so you have to look in. You have to be sure that these are hemorrhoids and nothing else, and for that you have to consult.

"In addition to hemorrhoids, blood in the stool may be a sign of affection in the anal area, in which case the proctologist will take care of it.An anal fissure can also cause bleeding in the stool. there may be hemorrhoids, and at this age, in a young woman, there may also be intestinal diseases that cause bleeding and in particular Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

"The red blood leaves the possibility of bleeding in the anal region because when it comes out of this region, the blood is always red.In contrast, a cancer that has developed above may present blood that is digested especially if it is located in the right side of the colon and it becomes black blood, stools black and smelly that is called melena and the French know less.

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