What Time Is The Powerball Drawing?

More and more people are playing online foreign lotteries like Powerball. The US multi-state lottery continues to frenzy the counters with jackpots ever more impressive and a record raised to $ 1.3 billion which is a world record. If you are numerous to play, you are just as numerous to wish to discover the results and the hours of the draws of Powerball, we answer you here.

Two Powerball draws every week: Wednesday and Saturday nights!

The American Powerball lottery brings together 44 US states and represents the largest panel of players in the world with draws reaching more than 300 million plays. The lottery offers two draws per week, every Wednesday and Saturday night.

With a minimum of $ 40 million (or € 30 million) , the American Powerball is the lottery that involves the biggest jackpot initial before the lottery Euromillions and its 15 million euros, followed by the lottery MegaMillions which involves 15 million dollars (11 million euros).

As for the draws of French lotteries, the Saturday night Powerball draw is more followed than the one of Wednesday, discover the draw schedules below.

What is the schedule for the US Powerball lotto draw in the United States?

Whether it's Wednesday or Saturday night, the Powerball is still fired around 11 pm, Florida time, when the official Powerball draw is taking place. In contrast to the fluctuating Euromillions circulation times and the announcement of the results, the draw of the Powerball is broadcast live at 23h Florida time on all US TV.

  • You can check your Powerball grid until 10pm (4am in France) every Wednesday and Saturday night. ( See how to play Powerball on this page ).
  • The results of Powerball draws take place at 23h Florida time (5am in France)

At what time do we know the Powerball Draw Earnings Report?

As for the draws of the French lotteries, the Powerball puts online its report of gains in the minutes which follow the draw. Thus, in France, you will be able to consult the report of Powerball gains from 5am.

It should be known that the ranks of winnings in the American lottery are fixed, except for the rank N ° 1 which is synonymous with jackpot.

The current jackpot is $ 1.3 billion, the result will be known this Wednesday, January 13 at 23h, Thursday at 5am French time.

We hope to have answered your question regarding the drawing times of the American Powerball lottery and we wish you good games and especially good luck!